How To Not Make You an Offer You Can’t Refuse

“Oh, boy. This ought to be good…”

Dear Homeowner and Friend,

I’m about sick of it. Everybody’s got a gimmick, a deal, a “better than great” offer that absolutely ends at midnight tonight. I’ve been in business for about 10 solid years, and I can tell you who “pays” for each and every one of these: You do.

Nobody’s givin’ stuff away. Nobody’s got a deal of the century without some “hidden” hook. Sure, I understand marketing and all that, but my Dad also taught me to understand truth for truth’s sake.

Our approach may not be as glamorous and flashy – but we’re heating and air conditioning specialists – not Info-mercial pitchmen.

So my “offer” to you is really what we do, all the time. We’re as regular as clockwork, about as precise and equally dependable. We think you’ll appreciate this approach far more. In fact, we know that thousands of Farmington homeowners love getting…

  • 24 hour service. When you need it. Where you need it. Your stuff doesn’t break on schedule, so why should we make you wait while a flood builds in your basement or your family is miserably hot or cold?
  • 10 year system warranties - When we install a heating or cooling upgrade for your home, you can pretty much forget about costly “surprises” for 10 years. You can’t spend a penny on repairs for 10 years… we won’t let you! How’s that for comfort?
  • Hassle Free Maintenance Agreement Plans - Take something off your “to do” list – get a Maintenance Agreement to put your home maintenance on “auto pilot”. You get regular system services, scheduled reminders, significant savings, priority service and more. All just a phone call away. Get started now to avoid any maintenance headaches!
  • “Fixed Right” Guarantee - You don’t have time to chase down the guy who “almost fixed” your home service problem. That’s why if it’s not fixed by Comfort Solutions Mechanical, we come back until it is, at our expense, not yours. (Provided it’s the same problem of course!) Our experience doesn’t cost, it pays. Get it done right… guaranteed.
  • 24% Energy Savings Guarantee - With a new heating and cooling system, many people “promise” savings, but never quite get around to saying what that is. At Comfort Solutions Mechanical, we put it in writing. You save 24% on your new heating and cooling system in the first year over your old system or we write you a check for the difference. Period.
  • On-Time Service Guarantee - Sick of waiting on “no shows”? You want service when you want it! We’re there in 24 hours (usually way less) or we’ll actually recommend another company that can get to you quicker. This is a real commitment to service.
  • Up Front Pricing - You get our price before we start the work. No surprises, just honesty.
  • Breathe Easy - Our Indoor Air Quality Division can “clear the air” of dust, dirt and pollen. You can breathe healthier, cleaner air!
  • Free Energy Survey - Want to know how many energy dollars you can put back in your pocket? We can tell you… completely free of charge.

You see, I don’t have a “special” for you. I already think my customers are special enough to be treated fairly, quickly, honestly, and professionally.

This is how we’ve done it for the last 10 years. And hopefully for the next 110.


I really want you to join our “family” of customers.

Since you may not know me or our company, I want you to have some comfort in calling us. For your next heating or cooling need – whatever it may be – use this letter as your “coupon” for service. It’s worth 10% off on your next service call.

So put a copy of this page in your coupon drawer, slip it inside the Yellow Pages, or stick it with a magnet to the ‘fridge. And then just call us. We’ll prove our value to you in one phone call to 505 609-8643.

No gimmicks, no tricks, no whiz-bang giveaways. Just honest service from an honest company interested in solving your home maintenance worries.

Thanks for reading this.

Your Friend in the Business,

Nelson Hoyer
President, Comfort Solutions Mechanical LLC.

P.S. Please tell your friends about us. If they mention this letter, we’ll give them the same 10% discount we gave you. Fair enough? Call us now at 505 609-8643. Thanks